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Black Cherry Room and Linen Spray

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Black cherry room and linen spray has a delightful black cherry aroma that is not too sickening sweet. A Best Seller!

Refresh your home and linen with our room + linen spray. Perfect for spraying in the air all your home or spraying over linens (blankets, pillows, towels, etc..). Always do a patch test on fabrics to avoid staining. Do not spray on wood or painted surfaces.  

Net Weight: 4oz (113 g)

Our room and linen sprays:

  • Are free of phthalates and parabens
  • Do not contain alcohol

*** More fragrance available in store.

INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, fragrance oil, polysorbate-20 and preservative.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. Spray in the air or over linens. Do not spray directly onto linens, hold the spray bottle at least 8-12" away before spraying. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Keep away from children, pets, and open flames. Do not drink.

Rinse with water if spray comes in contact with eyes.